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Quantitative research

High volume and statistically accurate insight into your customers' perceptions and expectations. Low cost, high quality data to enhance your business decision making.
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Qualitative research is a fantastic means of obtaining rich and detailed feedback from a representative sample of your customers. It can unearth new topics for exploration, and it allows customers to describe their views in their own words.

However what if you want to poll the views of a larger customer sample? This is where quantitative research can be most valuable to you, in part due to its scalability and therefore cost effectiveness, but also due to its high levels of statistical accuracy and reliability.

iCustomerExperience can conduct your quantitative customer research via online, telephone, postal and hybrid methods, and at a fraction of what it would cost you to conduct this kind of exercise in-house.

We design our surveys to be engaging for respondents so as to optimise your response rates and deliver high volume, robust, and actionable data. We work with you to identify the desired outcome and design a question set that is focused on achieving this. The result is quality and unbiased data that can be used to validate existing qualitative data or deployed independently to drive improvement in key areas of your customer experience.

We enable our clients to execute ad-hoc and frequent surveys using one or a combination of the methods seen below. The method most appropriate for your company will be dependent on your customers, their profile and accessibility, as well your sample base size, timeframe, budget, and the complexity of the data you are trying to source.
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Hybrid surveys
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Delivering high volume and detailed insight, cost effectively. We provide robust and statistically accurate data that depicts an objective, unbiased view of your customer experience.
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