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Qualitative research

Focused and detailed customer insight. No assumptions, no bias, just reliable and candid customer feedback 'in their own words'.
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Take a look at the questions above. Even the best organisations will struggle to answer ‘yes’ to all of them. However customer intelligence is paramount to the success of all organisations, regardless of their size, formation, or the business sector in which they operate.

As human beings, customers are complex individuals who are motivated by a broad range of factors, many of which are linked to their emotions. If your organisation is to be successful it must have an in depth understanding of how to engage its customers and transform them into advocates of its brand. What better way to obtain this understanding than from the highest authority on customers i.e. the customer himself and in his own words.

This said, qualitative research surrounding customers can be a very timely and resource intensive exercise. In these pressured times it is likely that your internal resource is deployed elsewhere, and even if you have the resource, how can you be sure your research is objective, focused on the right areas, and will deliver actionable data and achieve the desired outcomes?

This is where iCustomerExperience can help you. We can conduct your qualitative customer research at a fraction of what it would cost you to do so in-house and we deliver a level of expertise and objectivity that is unachievable with home-grown research. Ultimately we provide you with a “fresh pair of eyes”; and an “outside in” as opposed to “inside-out” view of your world.

We use a combination of proven and innovative qualitative research methods to obtain the very detailed, accurate, and current insight that you need to make well-informed decisions about the direction of your business. Below are just some of these methods:
  • Focus groups
  • Structured interviews
  • Diagnostic workshops
  • Mystery shopping
  • Exit interviews
  • Customer experience audits
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Blueprinting
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Delivering qualitative research into your customers, their perceptions and their potential to impact your company. No assumptions, no bias; just highly focused, quality, and invaluable insight from your customers ‘in their own words’.
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