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Learning and Development

Empowering employees to deploy their unique personalities and tacit knowledge within their working environment to positively enhance the customer experiences they deliver.
Employee Engagement
Looking to better engage your employees and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Employees play a pivotal role in the delivery of differentiated and memorable customer experiences; this positive behaviour has a direct correlation to high levels of customer engagement and strong financial performance.

Such reliance on employees means that effective organisational learning and development are essential to your organisation’s success. All of your employees will at some point require a level of help and assistance in order to deliver what is being asked of them and indeed to achieve their own personal career goals.

iCustomerExperience provides a holistic approach to the following forms of organisational learning and development to assist you in this area:
Executive Coaching

iCustomerExperience delivers management coaching via one-2-one coaching sessions and/or group workshops for senior managers. With our help, your managers will develop a renewed focus and strong capabilities in the following areas:
  • Optimisation of sales growth due to enhanced employee performance
  • Development of stronger, more focused individuals leading to a stronger and better aligned team
  • Implementation of employee incentives and performance metrics that are correctly aligned with their delivery of positive customer experiences
  • Improvement of the employee experience in terms of motivation, productivity, and recognition
  • Development of effective action plans for on-the-job skill application and personal development
  • Effective observation and assessment of conversations between employees and customers
  • Encouragement of employees to learn to assess what they did well and what they may want to do differently next time, i.e. "self-coach"
  • Critical observation of behaviours in order to provide correct praise, to reinforce positive skills, and to create developmental feedback to address limitations
Employee Training

iCustomerExperience delivers a broad range of Group Classroom Training, and ‘Train the Trainer’ training for customer-facing employees, and managers.

From communication skills and complaints handling, through to continuous improvement and action planning; employee training requirements vary greatly from one organisation to the next. We customise our approach, content, and training materials to exactly match your company’s specific needs.

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Our holistic approach

Over the years companies have depersonalised the way they engage and service customers, focusing instead on process efficiency and managing high customer throughput. This approach can exert a very negative impact on customer experience, engagement, and ultimately company profits.
Our training embraces flexibility and individuality, encouraging trainees to let their personalities shine through. Why? Because everyone is different and each employee has a combination of traits, qualities, and style unique to them; given that the personal and emotional element of customer experience is so important, employees that are empowered to properly project themselves and their own personalities whilst still correctly representing the company, represent a very real opportunity to positively impact the experience the company delivers to its customers. Our training sessions are designed to enable employees to deploy their unique personalities and tacit knowledge within their working environment to positively enhance the customer experiences they deliver.
Providing support and expert advice for your senior management. Empowering your employees to deliver amazing customer experiences and transforming them into true ambassadors of your brand.

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