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Desktop research

Contextualising and translating secondary data into detailed and relevant insight that can serve to drive and support your business decision making.
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There is a wealth of secondary information available in the public domain that can be deployed to guide your business decision making. Via our Desktop Research services, we specialise in the gathering of this data in three key areas:
  • Social media monitoring
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
Social media monitoring

Today your customers have unprecedented access to information on your company; technology is facilitating the sharing of this information outside of their immediate network. In this environment candid customer reviews via social media sites and blogs have the power to help make or break your brand. Your company needs to keep on top of this trend and needs to be seen to actively use these channels as a means of enhancing the customer experience.

Our social media monitoring services analyse and report on this social media activity for you, helping you to change customer perceptions and put you back in control of your brand image. We provide one-off investigation reports, through to ongoing monitoring programs with real-time data and alerts. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.
Market trend analysis

So much information is available today; but getting the right and most up to date data, from the most reliable sources can be a gruelling and resource heavy task. iCustomerExperience has a wealth of experience in gathering statistics around existing and emerging market trends, we know where to look and we have long established relationships with the most trusted sources.

Via our market and trend analysis services, we can deliver the insight you require reliably and in a fraction of the time, saving you money and freeing your resource to focus on core business priorities. Just get in touch; we’d be delighted to see how we can help.
Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Competitor analysis and benchmarking: Today’s business environment is tougher and more competitive than ever before. Staying ahead of your game is not only about anticipating your customers’ emerging desires, it is also about anticipating your competitors’ reaction to them and evaluating their ability to meet them. It can also be tremendously insightful to know where your customer experience and brand image rank alongside other organisations.

Via our competitor analysis and benchmarking services we share with you our comparative insight gained from working with organisations across multiple sectors; we do this by means of richly populated indices that focus on customer experience, customer engagement, and brand image. From a one-off benchmarking report through to an in-depth competitor evaluation, whatever your requirement in this area we have the means to deliver it.

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Translating and contextualising public domain information and secondary data into valuable and highly customised insight designed to help your business make better informed decisions about its direction and future success.
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