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Providing you with the tools and insight to consistently exceed customer expectations and drive increased engagement within your install base.
Employee Engagement
Looking to better engage your employees and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Profit Chain Analysis
Looking to put hard figures on soft measures and uncover new and untapped sources of commercial and competitive advantage? Let us help you.

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Meeting your customers’ needs and expectations is only the first hurdle; consistently delivering against their ever developing needs and expectations, that is the main challenge. Our ongoing performance measurement and reporting services consist of two primary offerings which can be fully customised to meet your exact requirements in this area:
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Performance Dashboard (Design & Implementation)
Voice of the Customer

Our Voice of the Customer offering combines a number of our services in one fully customised and cost effective package. We provide a pick list of services and you chose which ones are relevant for your company based on your processes and customer profile. We invoice monthly for this service, there are no upfront costs; companies acting on the insight delivered, can expect the service to be paying for itself in under 9 months.

We combine Interaction Monitoring, Continuous Listening, Surveys, Focus Groups, Social Media Monitoring, Unsolicited Feedback Analysis and more to ensure that you are optimising your potential to catch and act upon customer feedback in whichever shape or form it comes.
Performance Dashboard

We design and implement a number of web-based dashboards that pull in your real-time Voice of the Customer data as well as other relevant information from disparate data sources; by doing this we are facilitating the real-time analysis and monitoring of your company’s performance via one interface.

The impact on your business is immediate; readily available and consolidated data provided in a meaningful and tangible format makes your informed decision making rapid and purposeful. Our dashboards present top-level views of your company’s KPIs and the ability to drill-down into supporting metrics and charts, whilst alerts inform nominated personnel when metrics are falling outside of their pre-defined acceptable range.

If you are looking to up your game and move to a more proactive means of servicing and engaging your customers, get in touch to see how we can help.
Helping you to consistently exceed your customers’ expectations. Obtaining and consolidating real-time customer feedback in one interface in order to enhance your decision making.
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